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It has been conservatively estimated that every human being that consumes animals takes about  90-100 lives each year. That is a carnage of immense proportions. If each vegan advocate on average reaches a person by mid-life, that would still be the saving of about 4,000-5,000 animal lives. Is there any form of activism that can save that many lives? However you spread the word about veganism, remember those thousands of lives that hang in the balance.

If every vegan can convince one other human to embrace a philosophy of veganism, the vegan population would double. And doubling begins to gain momentum until, after just a few years, the numbers become huge.

If 1% of the world’s population is indeed vegan, as estimated, that means there are over sixty-seven million of us. In only four years, there would be a billion of us.

As billions of animals are slaughtered each year, their combined energy usage drawn from the earth’s resources will soon deplete what is left alive on earth.

As thousands of acres of forests are cut down and used for animal grazing, less land is available for animal habitat and for creating the oxygen we require to breathe. There are only so many acres of land on the planet.

Human population is estimated to reach 9 billion in short order.

Do the math.


140 Billion Animals Slaughtered Every Year

World Population Clock

Animals Slaughtered  2003 – from UN stats

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5 Responses to “Do the Math”

  1. Jordan Wyatt says:

    Great post Barbara :-)

    Heres to four years from now!

  2. veganacious says:

    Thanks Jordan. Agreed!

  3. Sadia says:


  4. I think this is such an inspiring piece of information. You really do make a difference when you decide to go vegan, and if by doing so you can inspire change in others, that is even more amazing. Vegan education I love because it is reasonable, achievable and most importantly moral.
    Animals used in experimentation can be saved to, as well as those used for human entertainment let us not forget.
    Thanks again Barbara

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