Podcast #36 – Gimme Shelter

Podcast Powered By Podbean Stand by Me, by Rockapella When the night is come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we see,                                                       […]

Sep 22, 2012 | Category: Animals, Podcasts, Portfolio, Shelter animals
Podcast #36 – The Alternative Alternative

Life in the Vegan Bubble from Alternative Alternative, Dino Sarma!

Jun 18, 2012 | Category: Food, Interviews, Podcasts, Portfolio, Vegan People
Vegans in Texas

Podcast Powered By Podbean George Straight, All My Ex’s Live in Texas Living as a vegan is one thing; living as a vegan in Texas is something else altogether. There are myths about vegans: we are skinny, undernourished hippies; we are extremists; we are domestic terrorists. Then there are the myths about Texans: we all […]

May 21, 2012 | Category: Podcasts, Portfolio
Vegan Adventures

Life is an adventure – what are you waiting for?

Mar 16, 2012 | Category: Podcasts, Vegan Travels
Ism Schism

Adam Weitzenfeld discusses race, class, privilege and the intersectional approach to Animal Rights.

Himsa Means Harm

We may believe we stand for non-violence, but the breadth of himsa is much wider and the requirements much deeper than we may know.

Feb 06, 2012 | Category: Ahimsa, Podcasts, Portfolio
Manipulated by Media

They may have the media, but we have the truth…. Podcast Powered By Podbean (Army Strong) I recently heard about the collaboration of media and the Pentagon and realized these ties between media and poltics, media and corporations, media and power, run very deep. Here is a clip from Leonard Lopate about how the US […]

Sep 19, 2011 | Category: Media, Podcasts, Portfolio
The Road to Raw

A film about a raw juice fast, a beautiful food blog, and a new raw vegan cafe caught my attention. What is all the hype about raw vegan food?

Aug 03, 2011 | Category: Podcasts, Portfolio
Activism, Not Terrorism

Podcast Powered By Podbean Mission Impossible Theme Good afternoon. As you know, the earth is currently experiencing the sixth mass extinction of species. The oceans are already devoid of most predatory fish and the entire ocean may well be a dead zone very soon. Clear cutting of ancient rainforests is killing off habitat and both […]

Jul 04, 2011 | Category: Podcasts, Portfolio