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Vegan Videocasts

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Available for your viewing pleasure are several video podcasts relating to veganism, vegan cooking, fitness, and animal rights.  These are free of charge and may be downloaded from iTunes or the various websites. There is a wealth of information which can help you learn to adapt to veganism, expand your culinary knowledge, educate you on numerous topics, and help keep you fit and healthy.  Quite a bargain!

One of the first shows I found was Julie Hassons’ Everyday Dish.  Julie is responsible for my first purchase of an electric ice cream maker. While the one she uses was a lot pricier than mine, her easy canned pineapple and coconut milk blended recipe got me hooked.  It was easy and tasty and had my attention.  (The fat content was too high for me, but it got me thinking a lot about making healthy confections.)  Julie is delightful and has various guest chefs who add a lot of variety to her programs.  Her repertoire is large so please check our her website and watch a few of her great shows.

Produced by filmmaker Betsy Carson of All Art Media Inc. and featuring host Toni Fiore, ”Totally Vegetarian” (Delicious TV Veg) is not always vegan, but most recipes are and the rest usually have a vegan option for those of us concerned about ethical eating.  Our hostess for this show is always very clear, very professional, and has some terrific ideas for preparing healthy, plant-based recipes.  Toni has introduced me to Tempeh Club Sandwiches and Tofu Bits, among many other dishes.  It is fun to see how she functions in her beautiful kitchen.  She is the reason I bought my olive oil drizzler.

Adam Ford from Ridgeline Fitness offers several fitness videos using the Swiss Ball and his unique brand of controlled exercising.  If you never thought an inflated ball could be used for working your biceps, think again.  With this man, nothing is impossible!  If these videos do not motivate you to have a healthier, more fit appearance, you might as well cancel your gym membership.  After viewing these YouTube videos, I purchased his DVDs and use them regularly.  They work, plain and simple. Who knew a Swiss Ball could function as a weight bench, a set of dumbbells, and a stretching machine?

As you can clearly tell from the above information, I fully appreciate the contributions each has made to my life. Most people who give so willingly of their time and information pro bono also appreciate patronage of their material: cookbooks, websites, or exercise DVDs. As you can tell from my self-report, I have spent $$  as well as time as a result of these shows, but it has definitely been worth every penny. These are knowledgeable, talented people that let you get a preview; they are all on YouTube so you can check them out before you invest.

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Vegan Podcasts

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Listening to Music

When I transitioned to veganism, I found several vegan podcasts to be sources of invaluable information.  I simply loaded them on my iPod, and educated myself while I walked, worked out, or participated in life. These podcasts are easily available through iTunes, free of charge. (Of course, if you really appreciate them, the sponsors do appreciate donations, too.)

The first podcasts that I discovered were Colleen Patrick-Goudreaux and her Vegetarian Food for Thought series.  Colleen is a great teacher with well-researched information delivered in a kind but relentless manner – she gives you the straight scoop, so be prepared. She also gives you some literary offerings, some dietary suggestions, and loads of truth about the current state of being an animal in the world today.  She offers cooking classes and sells her DVDs and cookbooks (a new one has just been released!) on her website, and adds a host of other informative ideas.  You can even buy her helpful DVDs in bulk at a very low cost, so you can inform your friends and family who might be interested.  See her Compassionate Cooks website.

Not to be missed is the Vegan Freaks podcast series with Drs. Bob and Jenna Torres.  ”Coming to you from their elite fortress of moral superiority,  here are your protein-deprived hosts…” begins each segment.  This is always entertaining and informative and has a bit of spice to it – they are not concerned about telling it with a bit of color (in the language that is!).  Bob has written a few books well worth checking out too, and they run Tofu Hound Press, which supports vegan authors.  This podcast lets you feel like a visit with the best of friends who are also smart and cheeky.  Check out Vegan Freak for more information. And get a copy of his books while you are at it.

Vegan Radio is the podcast about the vegan culture and happenings, including information about the vegan bus that runs on used food oil, spreading the word  about veganism. Listening to their podcasts is like being on the road with them — always an adventure, always educational, always worth the trip.  They keep you abreast of current vegan events and culture while allowing you into their world, their sense of humor, and their most obvious compassion and thoughtfulness.  A recent listen was something about George Clooney’s sweat and tofu (???)….well, you just have to listen to make the connection.  Check out  the Vegan Bus or Vegan Radio for more information.

One of my new faves is Alternative Vegan, where one can garner information about cooking, veganism, produce, herbs, cooking, storing food and a host of other pragmatic and helpful topics — I am left feeling like I have my own personal vegan mentor.   Our host, Dino, is very down to earth and very aware of the culinary options for us vegans.  I relisten to these podcast more than any others, because they are like going to a Vegan University — without the tuition. Good podcast, good information! I am a BIG Dino fan and just purchased his book, which is all produce, all the time.  Dino’s blog is also wonderful; be sure the check it out.

And A Couple More…

There is a good fitness podcast that is also helpful to those of you who are fitness buffs: Fitness Rocks.  Dr. Monte Ladner gives well-researched information about a host of topics.  Since I try to keep my recipes, like my lifestyle, pretty simple and healthy, I really appreciate the passion Dr. Monte puts into helping me do the same.  He is also involved in a new venture, Fit Talk, an interactive fitness podcast with a wider net. This M.D. also has a blog.

For the animal lover in you, there is Animal Voices. This Toronto-based program gives an update on news that concerns animals, interviews with leaders in the field of animal rights, and discussions on relevant animal-related topics. This is a very professionally produced program, filled with good information and jam-packed with data and resources.  Kudos, AV!!

Be sure to support these excellent podcasters by leaving reviews and votes on iTunes and Podcast Alley. They offer a wealth of free information and support to all of us looking for a healthy, compassionate lifestyle.

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