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Welcome to Vegan Malaba

Friday, December 30th, 2011


After our flight to Madrid, we had a short layover and then flew Iberia Airlines to Malaga on the southernmost strip of the Spanish Coast.  We were staying at the Mirabella Resort, one of the loveliest places with all the amenities of a vacation home: two bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen, and a complete laundry room. As we were only staying overnight, we had little time to enjoy all this resort has to offer, but my grandson and I searched out all the possibilities. There was an indoor pool not far from our room and due to the cool weather, the boys were excited to try it out. I read the posted rules and walked the boys to the beautiful waterfall and pool enclosure. The only people in the pool were elderly folks gently swimming laps and enjoying the water.  I realized after a few minutes and several sidewards glances that this was an Adults Only pool, so we had to leave. The boys were disappointed, and it was too dark and cold outside to investigate other possibilities. They would have willingly dived into the outdoor pool despite the cool air and even cooler water, but I hated to see them catch a chill at the very onset of our travels.

 Heaven is a Vegan Pizza!

Hunger was coming on strong, and my DIL had gone out to procure some food – none of which was vegan. It was just snack food, so it was not meant for any substantive alleviation of hunger pangs anyway. A couple of hours later, she brought back pizzas – and one was vegan! By then, I was grateful for anything that would fill me up and surprised myself and everyone else as I devoured every bite of this large individual-sized pizza. Breakfast was croissants (definitely not vegan, but my son thought they were) some kind of sausage and juice, so I opted for just the juice. We were heading to the cruise ship and I was assured there would be food waiting for us. I was beginning to realize that, since I was a guest on the planned cruise, I was going to have to carefully traverse the terrain between my ethical beliefs and the feelings of my family members who had no idea what I (or any other vegan) actually ate. It is never a good feeling to be dependent on others and especially not when you have the extra burden of requiring special consideration. Still, no one would expect anyone with a special diet for health or religious reasons to veer from their special needs, and I did not plan to either. I was beginning to realize the difficulty of being exclusively around  omnivores, however, and was aware at every turn how my beliefs added to the complexity of our daily travels.

Here is a vegan recipe for Mediterranean Pizza. Following this travel series, there will be some inspired recipes on the Veganacious Recipes blog, too.