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Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s Vegan’s Daily Companion

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Like a whirlwind  sweeping through this Texas prairie, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau continues her fevered pace of work with an array of resources and bounty for the vegan movement.  Her most recent book, Vegan’s Daily Companion, includes the work of many other people, but it has her handprint (and heart) on every page. Like all her other published books, it is a work of art, complete with gorgeous color photos, high quality paper, and a well-organized premise, 365 days of support for the new vegan, the vegan activist or the vegan curious.  It is such a lovely book that it would make a great gift for even the non-vegans who love food, health, animals or the arts. For those who are avid fans of her podcasts (as I am), some of the material may seem familiar. Nonetheless, it is all compiled in a refreshing and engaging volume that should be on every activist’s shelf as required needed sustenance. Burnout makes for cranky vegans; self-care keeps us healthy and vibrant. Thank you, Ms. Patrick-Goudreau!

Vegan’s Daily Companion Offers Daily Sustenance

Mondays are For the Love of Food, and include information about a variety of intriguing edibles. Tuesdays are all about Compassionate Communication, including those troubling oft-repeated questions, ideas for replacing negative idioms about animals, and a variety of ways to remove violent allusions from our language. Wednesday is about Health for Body, Mind, and Spirit, everything from eating mindfully to how best to shop at a farmer’s market to taking care of your activist self.  Thursdays offer a delightful array of excerpts and ideas from Animals in the Arts: Literature and Film, followed by Friday’s Stories of Hope, Rescue and Transformation. As a therapist, I once kept a “Friday File” to help me make it through another week, filled with cards children had made me, pictures they had given me, and drawings they have made of our work together, as well as notes and memorabilia from other former clients. At low points, it was a reminder that there was a purpose to my difficult work, and one that made it significant to others. Colleen’s Friday stories are delightful bits about a few lucky animals who found their way to life and love, something those of us working for the animals need to absorb once in awhile, too. And, no vegan book written by Ms. Patrick-Goudreau would be complete without a bounty of delicious and healthful recipes. While not all the writing nor the recipes are Colleen’s alone, they all are assets to any vegan’s repertoire of possibilities.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – Soothing the Vegan Soul

And it is in the possibilities that Ms. Patrick-Goudreau shines. She reminds us to allow ourselves to have a good cry, to let go of results and concentrate on intentions, to promote peace, compassion, and justice for all beings. The daily affirmations are sure to soothe the vegan soul as they educate and encourage us every day throughout the year. If you love Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (and really – what is not to love?) you will fall in love with this wonderful resource. It is like having your very own vegan mentor, waiting to help you each and every day.  With creativity and talent this deep, I am very grateful Ms. Patrick-Goudreau plays on the vegan team!